Our technology allows students to tap onto the MySchoolTracker device as they board and alight from the school bus, and parents are notified by SMS and/or push notification every step of the way.

At the end of the school day, students again tap onto the bus, and parents are notified by SMS/push messages when their child has boarded and alighted from the bus.

Alerts are given if the students alight at the wrong stop. Parents can also notify the bus driver, if due to changes in routine, the students’ need to alight at a different stop on a particular day. Both parents and schools can rest assured that our mission is to deliver quality app devices using our extensive knowledge, technical excellence and forward thinking, innovative approach.


School administrators can share announcements direct to parents. Parents and guardians receive announcements and automated notifications direct to their phone, such as the imminent arrival of their bus, as well as their student’s boarding the bus and their alignment.

Auto Optimisation

Easy Optimisation With Built-in AI! ‘School Bus Auto-Optimise’  based on built-in artificial intelligence keeps you updated with regular feedback and suggestions on optimising your school bus routes. Set custom routes for your bus trip, or allow our system to automatically optimise one for you.

Smart Allocation

Allocate routes for your vehicles automatically!

The auto allocation feature with its advanced ‘Smart Allocation’ algorithm helps you to assign routes for your school buses efficiently, and most importantly, with the greatest of ease.

It helps you:

  • Assign pick up points based on the residential address of students
  • See the pick up point location via Google Maps
  • Optimise pick up points based on the system’s database
  • Redefine routing process if there are any issue

Smart Allocation allows transport managers to plan routes in minutes, irrespective of the number of students and pick up points needed.

Auto Routing

The intelligent Smart Routing’ algorithm feature of MySchoolTracker helps transport managers to tackle school bus routing challenges such as optimising operational cost in several ways:

  • Optimising bus routes
  • Checking the load of each bus
  • Limiting travel time

Some of the ways it’s innovative features can help you:

  • Automatic suggestions of optimised route, trip and vehicle assignments
  • Performs efficiency check for existing school bus routes
  • Verification and approval of the appropriate route
  • Optimisation of vehicle usage, vehicle durability, running duration, and distance
  • Save vehicle running costs and vehicle running hours
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